Yantra Yoga: the science on how the universe manifests with David Goulet

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Kat’s Podcast – Episode no. 43


Wouldn’t it be beautiful if you could quit time struggles once and for all and understand your flow in time in a better way?

Well, my advice: Tune into this conversation and learn about Yantra Yoga.

Yantra Yoga is the fascinating and mind-blowingly accurate science on how the universe manifests, within us and in time. 

Knowing where we are standing in time, aka which time cycle we’re in, and understanding which dominant energy drives our life and gives us purpose is life-changing – because you will realize that you don’t have to do, be productive, all the time, but that sometimes it’s actually very wise to sit back, relax, or take time to heal your body. It’s not always the right time to be going outwards and be social, but there are times that are made to be introverted, contemplative, and give you the space to look back and draw conclusions.

This knowledge that can bring so much ease, trust in how things are unfolding, and on a very practical level it will help you plan in a way that will make you feel more aligned.

I’m having an absolute expert on the show for this topic: David Goulet. We spoke about the breath in the previous episode, now he’s back for Yantra Yoga. He is one of the few really knowledgeable teachers out there who teach Yantra Yoga. It’s not very well known, maybe because you can’t learn it in a weekend workshop or because it has nothing to do with how yoga is perceived in the Western world. 

I heard about Yantra Yoga first in trainings with Octavio Salvado from The Practice and he himself studied with David for years. I feel very blessed to have these two teachers in my life.

It’s an honour for me to be talking about this stuff with David. Get ready for a dive into the magic and the mathematics of the universe!

Love, Kat


We talk about: 

  • what Yantra Yoga is
  • the connection to Quantum Physics
  • the Chakras and their energies
  • “Your atoms and molecules are not fixed. They are always vibrating.”
  • the fact that EVERYTHING IS ENERGY + the power that lies behind it
  • the power of our mind
  • which Chakras you have the greatest access to
  • explanation of time-cycle energies from 1 to 9 + the connection to the different Chakras
  • Yantra Yoga as a system of 9
  • syncing our actions with the energies we have at hand
  • a time cycle blueprint for starting a project or becoming a yoga teacher (this is gold!)
  • the connection to specific body parts + the best time to heal different physical aspects; super interesting, as we all have parts of our body that are prone to illness depending on our dominant life energy
  • the universal year we’re in at the moment

time cycles at a closer look:

  • insights on 4-cycle, 5-cycle and 7-cycle energies: when to travel and when not + which breathing practice is ideal in a 4-cycle
  • insights on the combination of 1-cycle year + 4-cycle month
  • which cycle is best for checking on details which you might’ve overlooked in a project or in your business
  • your recipe to get out of the 9-to-5 7-day work week 
  • living a 162 years + what Yantra Yoga has to say about it


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Thanks so much for listening!

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