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so awesome to see you here! I’m truly grateful for you visiting my little corner of the web.


Any comments, creative input, or just a heartfelt Hi? Get in touch and send me an email – I always love to connect and hear from you!


hello @kathrinhecht.com




What I stand for & who I love collaborating with:


In my podcast and in general I love to spread the message about unconventional and empowering ways of living and doing. I portray people who live different to the mainstream and who are driven by a quest for freedom. I back a lifestyle that is reconnecting with nature and natural solutions – be it through food, through barefoot running (one of my things) or simply by stepping into nature more often.



I collaborate with humans and brands setting examples for a better world, who dare to question the status quo, who break through social expectations and who are contributing to freedom & re-empowerment.



Two examples are Dutch Health Store (an online store for carefully sourced natural skin care and cosmetics aka the stuff you usually don’t find in the drugstore) and Superfeast (an amazing young company from Australia teaching the Western world about tonic herbalism and bringing a whole new perspective to the term “sustainability”). Go check them out!


If this resonates with you, please get in touch!

Connect with me via email: hello @kathrinhecht.com or connect on Instagram




Forms of collaboration & what I offer:

  • Writing & Speaking // Text & Vorträge
  • Being a guest on my podcast & being featured on yours // Podcast-Kollaboration
  • PR & communicative support // Unterstützung im Bereich PR & Kommunikation
  • Product reviews // Produkttests und Bewertungen
And all of this in English & German.



Love, Kat