Come back to your own easeful rhythm.

This is for you if you feel burnt out by your job, depleted by family or social obligations, or overrun by your own “high standards”.


Based on my own life experience I can say that we often don’t listen enough to our needs and our true nature. We think we have to function. Get up early every morning, and go for a run. Do something productive every day. Be fit, energetic and social all the time – and while doing so we feel tired, stressed, uninspired or just “not right”.  

I can especially well connect with those of you who are working in a highly stressful job and getting close to burnout  and those of you pressuring yourselves because of self-imposed demands.


It is my mission to help women reconnect with their own easeful rhythm, listen to their needs, and learn to love and honour their unique energies. 


We’re not meant to follow one standardised path or rhythm, this is not how we’re naturally wired – especially not us women.

The more I reconnect with my true self, the more I feel my own rhythm and needs. 

In my mentoring I combine Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga, Ayurvedic knowledge and my unique life experience – all of which have helped and still help me live a life with more self-empowerment, ease and freedom.


Approach & toolkit

  • Traditional Hatha Yoga (this includes breath work and meditation)
  • Ayurvedic knowledge
  • Yantra Yoga as life-path (knowledge about your life energies or “Dharmic” energies)
  • Self-reflection & contemplation
  • creating & working with daily routines
  • lifestyle tips 
  • my own life experience & lifestyle changes that have helped and continue to help me live with more health, self-empowerment, ease & freedom


My mentoring is:

  • 1:1
  • with weekly or bi-weekly sessions (60 min)
  • individually structured, depending on your needs and what you strive for
  • in addition to the 1:1 sessions you’ll get tools to work with on your own (the aim is to empower yourself)
  • optional: an individually-tailored personal Yoga practice that will help you with your goals and needs


Book a 15-min free session with me so we can get to know each other and I get a feel for what it is that you want and need. Send me an email here:


How many sessions make sense?

From my own experience I know: It takes time and consistency to build routines and create lasting momentum. It takes time to change our habits and break through old patterns. And until we have figured it out and incorporated it into our daily lives, it can be super helpful to have someone on our side – because after the first exciting weeks we might face a wall or question why we’re doing this… 

That’s why I recommend working with me for at least a couple of months. Of course you can book just one or two sessions to start of with.



    Reach out to get an individual quote based on what you need and the number of sessions you’d like to take. 

    My mentoring is available in English as well as German.

    Questions? Send me an email:


    Much love,