Find your freedom through reconnection.

In our world, quick fixes and instant success still rule. Constant busyness and the “need” to show our achievements call for shortcuts and fast results. But where do we go with that? Does it help us to truly grow and change for the better? 

From my own experience I can say: Most of the good and lasting stuff in my life is the fruit of long-term commitment and gradual empowerment.

Be it the strength and positivity that I get out of my morning routine, the stability and growth that comes with my daily yoga practice, my freedom to work location-independent or the capacity to stay calm in moments of stress and change: It’s all product of a process, of gradually making things part of my life.

See it as a journey of growing empowerment and freedom.

With freedom comes empowerment and with empowerment comes freedom. It’s a mutually re-inforcing relationship – and for both the foundation is reconnection: 

We have to be reconnected with ourselves to be able to create lasting change. We have to be reconnected with nature and the basic elements that fuel our life to be able to live truly empowered.

I’m here to help you make this reconnection, find your freedom and live it in a lasting, empowered way.

You’ll learn to

  • focus on what matters & set new priorities
  • build empowering routines
  • slow down & find ease in daily life
  • create awareness for & question “old” and unhealthy patterns and habits


Approach & toolkit

My approach is based on my own life experience and the practices and tools that have helped me reconnect, empower myself, see more clearly and create outer and inner freedom.


My mentoring is:

  • 1:1
  • with weekly or bi-weekly sessions (60-120 min)
  • individually structured, depending on your needs and what you strive for
  • in addition to the 1:1 sessions you’ll get tools to work with on your own (the aim is to empower yourself so eventually you don’t need me anymore)


Tools/elements include:

  • Self-reflection & contemplation paired with writing/journaling
  • Creating & working with daily routines, especially morning and evening
  • Working with your own energies (daily highs & lows + monthly/yearly cycles)
  • Yoga: postures, breath work, meditation

These tools are selected & put together individually.


We’ll start with a 30-min session so we can get to know each other and I get a feel for what it is that you want/are struggling with. This session is free for you.


How many sessions make sense?

From my own experience I know: It takes time and consistency to build routines and create lasting momentum. It takes time to change our habits and break through old patterns. And until we have figured it out and incorporated it into our daily lives, it can be super helpful to have someone on our side – because after the first exciting weeks we might face a wall or question why we’re doing this… 

That’s why I recommend working with me for three months or longer. Remember: We have a chat first, so you get a feel for who I am and if that which I’m standing for really resonates with you. You can then choose your option.


Fees & packages

  •  3-months: 12 single sessions (60 min) or 6 double sessions (120 min) for 972 Euro*
  • Single session: 90 Euro*

* Fees in Euro are brutto/incl. VAT. Please email me for more.


I offer my mentoring in English and German, so don’t be shy. Also keine Angst, ihr müsst nicht fließend Englisch sprechen.

Questions? Send me an email: hello


Excited to hear from you,