Change of Season Energy

Listening to your body during seasonal change

Definitely getting autumn here in New Zealand. The wind becomes chillier, the mornings and nights colder. While still stinging hot in the sun, the shade all of a sudden turns surprisingly crisp. The season’s changing, wearing extremes. Hot and cold – the change of season wearing extremes. From bikini to down vest and beanie in a minute. Typical NZ.

I can feel the sudden weather change in my energy level. Yesterday, I was super tired, even after a good night’s sleep. I got a light migraine the other day. And last week I had several extended afternoon naps and a bag of chips on the bed.

It’s all connected – listen to your body

The seasonal change is definitely working on our bodies. We can feel it. Our bodies do feel it. They sense when there’s a change, a shift in temperature and energy around.

It’s all connected. As much as we sometimes would like to or try to be independent of all of this, of the elements of nature surrounding us, we cannot escape. We cannot detach completely.

As much as I would love to be fit and full of energy every day, I have to accept the times when I’m not. There is always a reason.

So, instead of fighting, accept your current state of energy and celebrate it in its own way… Have a nap when you feel like a nap. Do a slow stretch and don’t force yourself to go for a run if you don’t have the energy for it. Just sit with a cuppa and enjoy the beauty around. This might be just what you need.


It’s about adapting food and lifestyle to the new season as temperature, weather and daylight hours change. This all influences our bodies’ natural cycles and vital systems. Read this article by Kellen Brugman for more and to get some self-care tips on how to go healthy, vital and creative through the seasonal change into autumn (especially for those of you in the southern hemisphere).


Do you feel the change in season, turning autumn in the southern hemisphere and spring in the northern? How do you deal with it? Would love to hear from you! xo, Kat