Kat Hecht

“You’ve changed most radically over the past 10 years.”

The best compliment I could get – and it sums up perfectly where I come from and where I’m now, on various levels.


Hi, I’m Kat!

And this is a little about me.

Short story: 

A highly stressful agency job and unhealthy eating habits along with classic mainstream ways of doing led me to a rather imbalanced, fast-paced and unreflective lifestyle – until it started to burn me out and I put on the emergency brake. I went on a sabbatical and realized:

“If I don’t change things, everything stays as it is.”

So I started living in a new rhythm and, eventually, a much more self-determined, slow-paced and sane life – a life where freedom rules over fixed payslips, flipflops over high heels and meditation over multitasking. 

These days, I’m known for spending European winter in New Zealand, for enjoying relaxed mornings with a cup of coffee in my hands and for “doing” yoga as one of my things. 

On a deeper note:

Over the past years my perspective on the world has changed: 

I realized that we have to slow down and tune in to be able to create lasting change. I realized that we have to question the status quo if we wanna live a truly empowered life. I believe that we have to reconnect with ourselves and with nature to make this world a better and fairer place.


My message and mission are about creating freedom and true empowerment through reconnection. 

I have a podcast that shows alternative, unconventional ways of living and thinking and I offer mentoring for those of you who like to create lasting freedom and step back into their own true power.


Come say Hi, connect via my newsletter or just have a look around. Thanks for being here.

Love, Kat


Listen to my story here:

podcast host Kat Hecht
podcast host Kat Hecht