Corporate Sessions

Bring the power of Yoga to YOUR company

Use the power of yoga aka the breath and meditation to boost your employees’ motivation, focus and creative energy – and give them a lasting stress management tool into their hands!


Our breath is one of the fastest ways to change our nervous system state, our emotions and our mind within minutes: from stressed to relaxed, from nervous to calm, from tired to awake and ready for the day or the next presentation.


From my own experience working in communications agencies for many years I can say:

a little breathing pause would’ve done me good so many times!

To get back to projects less stressed and with a clear and sharp mind, to get the much needed “distance” and new perspective we so often don’t have when we’re head on in a certain project, and to be able to have really creative ideas – which often only come with space and a clear head.


Corporate formats:

  • regular breath work + meditation sessions (15-30 min): a great way to get started and easy to integrate into the work day


  • progressive theme-based sessions: over the run of several weeks we’ll work on a specific topic, e.g.
    • strengthening your employees’ FOCUS & CONCENTRATION
    • creating more CLARITY
    • creating more inner MOTIVATION


  • complete yoga classes (30-75 min): postures, breath work + meditation, based on a specific topic/goal


  • Yoga Nidra sessions: Yoga Nidra = Yogic sleep is a specific technique that can be immensely beneficial in relaxation and refreshing during the day, as well as in ingraining a more positive mindset.

            My Style of Yoga

            I’m a certified Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga Teacher and have been practicing yoga since 2012.

            Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga is an ancient system and science that helps us reconnect with ourselves and create the energies we need. Complete yoga classes always contain postures (Asana), breath work (Pranayama) and meditation: In Asana we use our bodies to connect with our breath. In Pranayama we use our breath to connect with our minds. In meditation we use our mind to connect with our Soul and that which lies beyond.