Hi, I’m Kat!

My message and mission are about creating freedom and true empowerment through reconnection.

My own journey brought me from a highly stressful agency job, unhealthy eating habits and a rather unconscious lifestyle to a much more self-determined, slow-paced and sane life – a life where freedom rules over fixed payslips, flipflops over high heels and meditation over multitasking.

I’m known for spending European winter in New Zealand, for enjoying relaxed mornings with a cup of coffee in my hands and for “doing” yoga as one of my things.

I believe that we have to slow down and tune in to be able to create lasting change. I believe that we have to question the status quo if we want to live truly empowered lives. I believe that we have to reconnect with ourselves and with nature to change this world for the better.

In my podcast I show unconventional ways of living and thinking and portray people who are driven by a quest for freedom.

My mentoring is bringing together all that which has helped me to live a freer, healthier, and better life: The practices and tools that have empowered me, helped me see more clearly and create outer and inner freedom.

Have a look around, come say Hi or connect via my newsletter.

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Latest Podcast Episodes

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Beauty & Strength: Reconnect with Your Divine Feminine

Beauty & Strength: Reconnect with Your Divine Feminine

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Ways to calm down & create headspace

Ways to calm down & create headspace

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