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What I stand for

I’m spreading a message about creating freedom and empowering ourselves – through reconnection with ourselves and with nature, and inspired by unconventional, alternative ways of thinking and living.

Based on my own life experience, in my podcast I portray people who live differently to the mainstream and who are driven by a quest for freedom. I back a way of life that is questioning the status quo and making space for what matters. I firmly believe in slowing down and tuning in – this is where we find our truth, power and the potential for real change.

My mentoring is bringing together all that has helped me to live a freer, healthier, and better life over the past years. The practices and tools that have empowered me, that help me see more clearly and keep searching for greater fulfillment and meaning.


Who I love collaborating with

I collaborate with humans and brands setting examples for a better world, who dare to question the status quo, who break through social expectations and who are contributing to freedom & empowerment.

One example is the Dutch Health Store (an online store for carefully sourced natural skin care and cosmetics aka the stuff you usually don’t find in the drugstore). Go check them out!

If this resonates with you, please get in touch!

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Forms of collaboration & what I offer:

  • Mentoring
  • Yoga for groups as well as individually sequenced: What is it that YOU need?
  • Writing & speaking on the topics of creating freedom & empowerment through reconnection
  • Writing on the topics of natural solutions and holistic healt
  • Being a guest on my podcast: let me know why you are a perfect match!
  • PR & communicative support, especially for cool, alternative brands and small businesses

My offers are in English & German.

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