Create freedom & empowerment. Question the status quo. Think & live differently.


Covering unconventional ways of living & thinking, this podcast is here to empower you and help you live a freer life. Together with my guests I’m covering topics of self-development and personal growth, holistic health & lifestyle, mindfulness, yoga, living more naturally and reconnected with ourselves and nature.

Freedom has special emphasis as a core topic. You can listen to inspiring stories and personal journeys driven by a quest for freedom in my signature Freedom Lifestyle Series.

Based on my own life experience, I created this podcast to show alternative ideas that help us re-empower ourselves – from the inside out, through the reconnection with our true selves and with nature, through more freedom in our outer lives and our inner worlds, through new perspectives on and new perceptions of life. So we can all live with more freedom and in our true power.

In solo shows and conversations with my guests, I provide you with inspiring real life stories, embodied wisdom, empowerment practices as well hands-on tips and tools.

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podcast guest Catherine Craig
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podcast guest Randeep Dhillon
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podcast guest Nils Wagner
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podcast guest Catherine Craig
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podcast guest Berit Julie Friz
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podcast host Kat Hecht
podcast host Kat Hecht
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podcast guest Cat Kennedy
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podcast host Kat Hecht

What listeners are saying about my podcast

Dr. Laura Hughes | Canada

PhD & Essential Oils Educatress

I love Kat’s podcast because she truly walks her talk. She’s living her dream (freedom!) life, and it’s so inspiring! If you have an inkling that there is “another way” for you, pour yourself a cup of coffee, cosy up and listen!

Nicola Vieritz | Germany

PR Consultant & Blogger

This podcast is madly refreshing. Through Kat’s cheerful and contagious nature, the different lifestyles are so easily introduced, that you get a direct desire to redesign your own life. I can only recommend it!

Jules Albie | New Zealand

Wellness Mentor

This podcast is so refreshing and calming to listen to. It reminds me that a freedom lifestyle can be whatever I want it to be and it’s interesting hearing other people’s views on that. Excited to hear more episodes!