Freedom & empowerment through reconnection.

Before you read on: take a moment and tune in

How do you feel?

What do you need most at the moment?

What is it emotionally, mentally or physically that you long for or struggle most with right now?

It’s often our pain points that nudge us towards change. Becoming aware of how we feel, becoming the observer, is the first step to empowerment and change. You have to be able to see where you’re at to be able to make changes for the better.

Yoga can help us with both: become aware of where we’re at + move into a desired direction. 

A tailored, individual yoga practice — along with little adjustments in our lifestyle — can help us create more of the energy we need and – in doing so – help us with the changes we desire.

The aim is to have more of that which makes us thrive, and get rid of that which holds us back and makes us suffer – be it that you’re struggling with an acute imbalance or that you’re generally looking for more alignment with your own nature.


What I offer

  • small group classes on Zoom: We always work with a certain theme or intention, e.g. ‘balance’ or ‘grounding’. This theme defines the class and is woven through it like a golden thread.

My classes have max. 6 students so I can assure posture corrections via camera. This is a huge advantage over other online classes where there’s no personal interaction beteween teacher and students.

Classes always contain postures (Asana), breath work (Pranayama) and meditation.

Price is 9 € for a single class or 30 € for 4. Message me to book or for more info. For now, I announce weekly classes on my instagram, but please feel free to send me a message at hello @ to get the schedule.


  • private classes for 1 person or a small circle of people: Ideal if you’re new to this style of yoga or you have practiced for a while and now looking for more in-depth posture corrections or you simply like a class for yourself! Please get in touch with any questions and regarding pricing which depends on size of group and level of practice.


  • 1:1 personal practice & mentoring: This is for you if you really want positive change in your life or like to work on a certain energy/quality in a committed, systematic and powerful way.

You get a complete yoga practice (postures, breath work + meditation) that is sequenced especially for you, based on your needs and nature.

You then have the option to go through it for 40 days: building a daily routine and empowering yourself while creating what you need. I’m by your side with regular check-ins if any obstacles arise or other stuff comes up… which might, as we’re going deep with these practices.

This is more than “just” a yoga practice: This is a life changer in most cases. 40 days is for the committed. The rule: If you stop for one day, you start over again. You will eventually love it. Trust me. It will make you stronger.


My Style of Yoga

I’m a certified Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga Teacher and have been practicing yoga since 2012.

Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga is an ancient system and science that helps us reconnect with ourselves and create the energies we need. Complete yoga classes always contain postures (Asana), breath work (Pranayama) and meditation: In Asana we use our bodies to connect with our breath. In Pranayama we use our breath to connect with our minds. In meditation we use our mind to connect with our Soul and that which lies beyond. 


Excited to hear from you!