2020: Start Questioning

Setting Empowered Intentions

I’m back in my soul place New Zealand, a place that’s so connected to my freedom.

And while settling in for this new season, creating new routines and catching up with friends, I think about my “goals” for 2020 – and about what I wish for this new year.

I wish all of us that this year ahead is filled with freedom, ease and true happiness. And love as the base vibration. 

I wish that it’s gonna be filled with a strengthened sense for what’s contributing to a better and healthier world and what not. 

I wish that we build and sharpen our ability to discern – and that we reconnect with what matters.

Intention setting: Questioning as first step


It’s this time of year where a lot of us start out with the intention to do things differently. We wanna turn around certain areas in our lives or we set specific goals for ourselves to achieve. It’s all about taking action. What if, however, the first step was to question? Taking action by questioning?

I think this step is crucial for two reasons:


1. It helps you define WHY you wanna do or achieve something. What’s the motivation behind it? What’s driving you? And is it ultimately contributing to your best life, health and happiness? If so, go for it. If not, reconsider.

2. To my mind, in general, we don’t question enough. We take so many things as given and a lot of times almost blindly believe in how things are supposed to be, the workings of society, what the newspaper is saying, religion, the health star rating of our muesli, you name it. Therefore, to start questioning can actually be crucial to our ability to set informed and empowered intentions and take action accordingly.

For me personally, one of my key starting points was changing my food/diet: I took a 180 degree turn and changed what & the way I eat. This, along with other stuff in my life, helped me see more clearly and literally pushed me to start questioning. 

Where are you starting to question? What made perfect sense all your life but now just doesn’t quite seem to work anymore?