Ahhhh, period pain – this topic never gets old!

Sorry for the bad joke, but it’s true: I’ve been chatting about this for years with girl friends and women crossing my path and it seems there is still so much room – and demand! – for natural and lasting solutions. 

Kicking pharmaceuticlas to the side,

here are my 7 natural secrets to relieve mentrual pain:

1. Take magnesium.

Take extra magnesium against cramping. Find a good-quality one that your body can absorb well. I find most magnesium products at drugstores and even pharmacies not good and often too low in dosage, so do your research online. For dosage: have a look at Dr. Jolene Brighton’s recommendations. A good thing to eat to amp up your magnesium levels is raw cacao or cacao nibs.


2. Rest

Take it easy, especially the first day or two. Take a day off if you can, or create some extra space for yourself by cancelling appointments that would stress you in any way (be it a catch-up Zoom call, a dinner with friends, or some other social activity you think you have to attend). 


3. Roll your belly with essential oils. 

Use an essential oil blend to relieve pain and cramping: Roll and massage it into your belly or lower back and feel how it soothes your whole system and uplifts your spirit. Recipes for two amazing blends are below!


4. Relax with a hot water bottle. 

Put a hot water bottle on your belly or lower back. I personally love it! I feel it relieves cramping and pain, and gives me a nice warm hug. Next step: Snuggle up on your couch or in your bed and read a good book or listen to an inspiring podcast.


5. Cook a nourishing meal.

Make your soul food, something that really feeds you both on a bodily and emotional level and literally gives your body a warm hug. I love pumpkin soup or a big bowl of a simple, satisfying curry with rice. There’s nothing like a home cooked meal – even more so on days we feel emotionally sensitive and are craving some extra love and care. This is a form of self-love and self-care!


6. Breathe.

Do some conscious breathing. Try this breathing exercise my Yogini friend and colleague Lucy Temple shared with me: 

1. Open your mouth, curl your tongue into a U-shape/tube-shape so that you can suck the air in through your tongue. 

2. Breathe in slowly through the “U” or tube created with your tongue. This is cooling as the air is cooled by the moisture of your tongue.

3. Take your tongue back in and close your mouth. Gently press the tongue against the roof of your mouth, the tip of the tongue right behind the front teeth.

4. Like this, slowly breathe out through your nose for 8 counts or longer if it’s comfortable for you. (This depends on your capacity. Always breathe in a non-stressful way.) If you’re familiar with Ujjayi breath, apply Ujjayi while breathing out.

Find Lucy here, give her a follow and share your feedback with her. If you have questions on the breathing, feel free to reach out to either Lucy or me.


7. Don’t use tampons!

This is my secret tip, and it was a game-changer for me. I have less cramping during my period since I stopped using them. It was a revelation, but thinking about it, it makes total sense: You’re not plugging yourself up and subtly forcing things to stay in, but letting everything flow out freely – the way it’s supposed to be when you’re on your period. Try it and let me know how it feels!

Love, Kat

One more thing: Pain is not normal. Despite all natural remedies: If you experience pain, especially very heavy cramps or strong period pain, have a closer look. I find these two articles from Dr. Jolene Brighton and Dr. Lara Briden insightful. 

In general: If you experience pain in any area of your body it’s important to go on a deeper exploration, because there’s almost always a deeper cause to it. If you’re interested about this: I chatted about it on my podcast with Berit Julie Friz. (It’s an episode in German, though. However, I’m happy to record another one in English if you’re interested!)

mixing essential oil blends

Recipes for essential oil blends:

These blends are made up of only pure essential oils and a carrier oil of your choice (almond, fractionated coconut, jojoba …). I personally like jojoba oil, but really you could  simply use a good, organic olive oil from your kitchen. No need to buy extra carrier oils when in need for a cramp relief blend! 

The blends are great as either roller blends (very handy; there are mini 5 ml or 10 ml roller bottles you can buy or you simply mix them in a small glass and store them with a lid on top.

Simple Cramp Relief Blend:

makes a 10ml blend (cut in half for 5ml roller bottles):

Drop all essential oils in the little bottle/glass and top up with carrier oil. Stir to mix or roll the bottle between your palms.

The above blend is a very simple cramp relief blend and perfect for anyone starting out on the essential oil journey as lavender and peppermint are two great all-rounder oils. It’s also a great blend for headache relief or just as a litlle pick-me-up due to its herbally fresh smell. The blend is inspired by Dr. Mariza Snyder’s Super Woman Blend.

Super Woman Blend by Dr. Mariza Snyder

makes a 10ml blend (cut in half for 5ml roller bottles):

Drop all essential oils in the little bottle/glass and top up with carrier oil. Stir to mix or roll the bottle between your palms.

How to use both blends: 

For cramp relief: roll over your tummy, about 3 fingers below your belly button (the area where everything is going on) and rub in gently.

For muscle pain & as mood booster: You can also put it on your lower back (if you’re having any pain there) or on your wrists/pulse points or into your palms, then rubbing your hands together and breathing it in for a handful of deep belly breaths. This is soothing to your nervous system and I find it quite relieving and uplifting.


Disclaimer: If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding or taking any medication please check with your practitioner or do your owwn research if these oils are safe for you to use.

essential oil roller blends

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