Get Grounded

21-day mentoring package

Get Grounded –

21 days to stabilize + empower yourself!


Get grounded as autumn fully kicks in.

Learn tools & lifestyle tips that help you ground, stabilize and get back into your body.


As autumn with its moving and colder energy kicks in, we might feel more scattered and less focused

  • more in our heads and way less in our bodies
  • nervous or anxious
  • colder, and/or physically shaky and light-headed
  • waking up at night + having trouble falling asleep again

Ayurveda helps us understand these “troubles” and balance them out. I love Ayurveda for its systematic and holistic view and apply its wisdom in my own life and with my students.

What you get:

  • 3 mentoring sessions à 60 min (via Zoom) 
  • lifestyle tips (food, daily routines, movement, …)
  • breathing exercise you can practice daily
  • recorded yoga class for download you can practice anytime
  • whatsapp support over 21 days

Investment: 288€ – subscribe to my newsletter below and get it for 244€

This mentoring package runs over 21 days:

1. session to start, 2. session around day 7, 3. session between day 14-21 (as you prefer/need).


This is for you if you feel more…

  • in your head vs. within your body
  • un-grounded
  • scattered and less able to focus
  • nervous or anxious
  • cold in your body, maybe even a bit shaky
  • spacey or light-headed
  • waking up at night + having trouble falling asleep again


My mentoring is based on my own experience as well as the knowledge of Ayurveda and Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga.

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  1. step outside + place your bare feet on the natural ground (grass, earth, natural stone, sand, or water) – feel the connection to the earth & sense how it naturally brings you back into the present moment and into your body
  2. lie on the ground, your whole back body connected to the earth or floor (outside or inside)
  3. drink less coffee!! this is a HUGE ONE – try it our for a few days and let me know how you feel
  4. keep your body warm – socks, blankets, scarf, beanie… Whatever you need! Cozy comes first!
  5. avoid sitting in too much wind or draft. I love to close doors to keep the energy in + to minimize any air breezing through.