Healing Your Whole Being with Taoist Wisdom & Naturally Strengthening Your Immune System with Mason Taylor

Kat’s Podcast – Episode no. 14


In today’s show I’m talking to Mason Taylor – wellness educator, passionate tonic herbalist and founder and director of Superfeast, a very cool Australian company for tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms. Superfeast and Mason got my attention when I was in New Zealand last year and since then I’ve been following their stories. 

It’s Mason’s passion to teach people from all walks of life on how to embrace the healing forces of nature, and how to create their own unique and dynamic health philosophy – and Mason and Superfeast do a great job at that! He regularly cracks me up with his unique sense of humour! Watch a couple of his little videos on instagram and you’ll know why!

Mason’s also the host of the Superfeast podcast, which I’m a big fan of. If you don’t know it yet, make sure you check it out. It’s honestly a well of naturally empowered wisdom.

This episode today could definitely be subtitled with “natural empowerment”: We talk about Mason’s own life story and how he found his way to tonic herbalism and a new connection to his health, and we talk about how to look at our immune system from a traditional ancient Chinese/Taoist perspective and what we can do to gain strong immunity. 

Wind, cold, heat & dampness for example are considered natural “invaders” to our immune system – did you know? I find that pretty fascinating, and it’s also so simple. This whole episode is peppered with simple health tips you can integrate into your life right away. 

I feel very honoured to have Mason on my show, this unbelievably nice, wise and funny guy! Enjoy.

We talk about: 

  • Mason’s morning ritual: tonics, movement & intention (like a thread throughout the podcast, so stay tuned til the end!)
  • The no. 1 tonic you wanna start your morning with
  • Yin & Yang: the two interplaying energies
  • Daily routines and consistency in daily habits as formula for longevity
  • Tips on creating a lasting morning routine 
  • Taking the right and the wrong out of health routines
  • What made Mason change his lifestyle and turn to tonic herbalism 
  • Creating a profound connection to your health: curiosity as antidote to symptomatic-based approaches
  • What tonic herbs are according to Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • “Herbs of Heaven”: they help us cultivate our basic body energies
  • The 3 Treasures of ancient Taoism: Jing, Qi & Shen 
  • Weak knees, low libido and why most of us are carelessly throwing away the Jing treasure
  • Why you wanna start building Jing now (think: putting money into your longevity account)
  • 30 Days of Jing Challenge – Are you in?
  • Coffee from a herbal perspective 
  • How herbs can help us overcome the hamsterwheel of unhealthy physical and mental patterns
  • Consumer attitude vs. attitude of gratitude 
  • Dosage tips for herbs and medicinal mushrooms
  • Natural immune strengthening: short-term & long-term strategies
  • Immunity from the Taoist perspective: How to build it up & why lung and spleen have to be strong 
  • Wind, cold, heat & dampness as natural “invaders” to our immune system
  • Special immunity tip for surfers or anyone being out in water and wind all day
  • Mason’s Mushrooms as great short-term boost
  • The importance of lung tonics for this time right now and when moving into autumn

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