Freedom, Soul Searching & Greater Consciousness with Io Anderson

– Freedom Lifestyle Edition –

Kat’s Podcast – Episode no. 2

“The decision to leave my husband wasn’t an easy one, but it kind of forced me out of the cocoon and really gave me the opportunity to unpack and dissect what I had thought about normal life or how life should be.”


In this first interview of the Freedom Lifestyle Edition of Kat’s Podcast I talk to my friend Io Anderson from New Zealand – a true free soul and creative whirlwind.

For Io it’s been an intense journey: Leaving her husband, and starting anew with her little car packed to the brim, she traveled up and down New Zealand and into her self. Her way to more freedom was a path of self-inquiry and detachment – from friends, family and social expectations.

We dive deep pretty fast, but if you don’t mind, you’re in for a conversation that’s true food for thought.

We talk about:

  • Io’s decision to leave her husband & the impact this had on her personal journey to freedom (10:29)
  • Why we have to see single decisions in a greater, global context (14:40)
  • What freedom means to her (17:30)
  • The importance of meditation (20:33)
  • Detaching from others’ values and social expectations (21:48)
  • The Matrix & our ingrained constant comparison to others (22:45)
  • Vibration, relationship changes & “unapologetic uniqueness” (26:45)
  • The health benefits of a freedom lifestyle (30:40) & why listening to your body is so important (42:20)
  • Creativity, seizing opportunities & the limitations of a 9-to-5 environment (33:19)
  • How to afford a freedom lifestyle (48:20)


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