Core Connection: Finding Freedom Wherever You Are with Cat Kennedy

– Freedom Lifestyle Edition – 

Kat’s Podcast – Episode no. 20

In this episode I’m having my friend Cat Kennedy on. Cat is a yoga teacher, international retreat leader and plant-based food creator with a passion for helping others discover their innate beauty. 

Cat was on my podcast a year ago and now she’s here for a freedom update: Talking how her perception of freedom has changed over the past year and how she’s experienced the past months. She’d just finished a retreat in Guatemala when the pandemic hit. 

What I love about Cat is how she walks through her day with such joy for the simple things and so in awe of nature, radiating lightheartedness and simple wisdom. 

This episode is especially for you if…

  • you’re looking for a dose of inner sunshine, and an easeful way to create more freedom and joy in your daily life. 
  • you’re longing for a deeper connection to your heart and wanna get out of your head
  • you wanna feel better within your body and within yourself.


We talk about: 

  • Freedom update: What’s happened in a year
  • Embodiment of joy and freedom in everyday life 
  • Our connection to nature
  • Traveling as a way of healing and finding back to ourselves
  • How her perception of freedom changed even before Covid 
  • How coming home when the pandemic hit felt like 
  • Tips for finding freedom in lockdown
  • Comfort zones and the difference between comfort and security
  • Finding freedom in your body
  • Not chasing instant outcomes – trusting the process
  • How she dealt with canceled plans
  • A key piece of life advice: How to deal with situations that trigger resistance in you
  • Creating new perspectives
  • Core & courage
  • Letting go of overthinking: Tips to find back to your heart
  • The transformation that can come out of pain and destruction
  • The power of the present moment
  • How slowing down helps to understand yourself and others
  • Courage as (in) opening your heart and opening yourself up
  • For solo-preneurs and anyone who wants to start something new:
    • Process as play: You don’t have to have everything figured out before you start
    • Control as protection mechanism
  • Finances: How to uphold a lifestyle that entails lots of freedom and isn’t connected to a permanent job and pay-slip — must-listen for anyone struggling with financial worry due to the current Covid situation
  • Cat’s two current jobs
  • Not feeling guilty when in a “privileged“ situation these days but using it to make the most of your life and in helping others

Episode resources:

  • music (Intro/Outro): Thanks to Analog By Nature. Credits: cdk – Sunday by Analog By Nature (c) copyright 2016 Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution (3.0) license.


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