Motivation, Mental Strength & Life Lessons from Ultra Racing with Mel Urie

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Kat’s Podcast – Episode no. 29

This episode is PURE MOTIVATION!

If you’re in a lull or struggling to get your lovely butt off the couch: tune in.

On today’s show I’m talking to Melissa Urie: ultra endurance athlete, Ironman + Uberman woman and an embodiment of will power & mental strength.

I was frankly mind-blown when I heard her talking about her 33 km (21 mile) swim in the open Pacific ocean. Sounds insane? Yes. Impossible? No.

It’s a good one, this episode! And it was so much fun recording! Thank you, Mel! You rock.


Race distances so you get a feel for what we’re talking about:

– Sprint/Beginner’s triathlon: 750 m swim – 20 km bike – 5 km run

– Long-distance/Ironman: 3.8 km swim – 180 km bike – 42.2 km run

– Uberman = the world’s most challenging Ultra Triathlon: 33 km (21 mile) swim – 644 km (400 mile) bike – 217 km (135 mile) run. Swim in Catalina Channel then ride from LA to Furnace Creek and run Furnace Creek to Death Valley (top of Mt. Whitney).

We talk about: 

  • Mel’s own story & how she got to ultra racing
  • The Uberman Race: Doing the impossible.
  • 15 years of training: Why commitment & pursuing things long-term is key
  • How to navigate sharks
  • Mental strentgh & motivation
  • “Your mind’s a muscle that needs to be trained.”
  • Mental strategies she used to get through intense training + events like Uberman
  • Daily motivation tips for listeners
  • Problem solving & positive thinking
  • “In a race it’s all about constantly problem solving, things will turn around eventually.”
  • What all of us can learn from ultra-distance races
  • “I feel like I belong”: overcoming imposter syndrome + stepping into confidence & ease.
  • Comparison: Why Mel doesn’t compare anymore + what we can learn from her
  • Mel’s personal milestones: 3 main lessons for life she got out of her ultra races

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Thanks so much for listening!

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