Freediving as Mirror: Why Relaxing Completely is Key to Inner Freedom with Jesper Stechmann

– Freedom Lifestyle Edition –

Kat’s Podcast – Episode no. 9


Freediving didn’t change me. I’d rather like to put it the other way round: In order to become a really good freediver I had to change myself.”


This episode’s special because today I’m having the first man on my show: 

Jesper Stechmann, a fellow ocean lover, world class freediver, freediving world champion and inner explorer. He’s from Denmark, but moved to Malta, where he runs his own freediving school. 

If you’re an ocean lover or not: This episode is basically for anyone! There’s just so much simple, powerful wisdom in it.

We talk about living one’s dream, daring to let go of control and surrendering to what is, the secrets to true relaxation, why freedom is NOT having a 1000 options to constantly choose from, and the crucial role freediving played in Jesper’s life. Honestly, you will love this episode – Jesper’s just got such a relatable way to share his life experience.

Tune in & be inspired by his story.

We talk about: 

  • What made Jesper change his life & overcome his fears
  • What freedom means to him
  • The role freediving played in his process of creating freedom
  • Letting go of control 
  • Freediving as inner mirror 
  • Deliberately depriving yourself of your senses
  • Water as the key to relaxation & inner freedom
  • Total relaxation & the importance of proper breathing
  • A recipe for good sleep
  • Freediving as process and not as a sport 
  • Why freedom comes from making choices 
  • A relaxation & de-stressing practice you can do in 5 minutes 


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