Redefining Performance: Live Your Most Fulfilled Life with Jord Cuiper

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Kat’s Podcast – Episode no. 30

In this episode I chat with Jord Cuiper, a self-actualization specialist. Jord helps people to empower themselves to live their fullest potential and their most fulfilled life.

He questions the common concept of performance and the mindless striving for success and helps people reconnect with what matters to them – and that’s where he sets himself apart from a lot of life coaches and performance-driven self-help advice.

Basis for his work is his own life story which brought him from being an ambitious kid and young and successful start-up founder to a huge loss in his early twenties and eventually a complete collapse of his health. His way out: a radical change of his life and lifestyle. And it’s his mission now to help others find their authentic and deeply fulfilled path.

At the core of his coaching approach is an honest look into what it is that is keeping us stuck in a certain place in life – what it is that is holding us back from living in a truly fulfilled and happy way. 

I believe we can all relate to it in one or another way: The feeling that we have to do or achieve something first, before we can be happy or at peace and ease. As entrepreneurs, we might feel the need to reach that next career step, make more money or finish that prestige project before we deserve and are able to experience happiness and fulfillment. 

Jord helps us explore what’s behind these mis-beliefs and helps us reconnect with our own values.

Make sure to listen to the last 5 minutes! Jord gives some great tips and thought-provoking questions for you on how to use your current circumstances as a feedback loop to discover more authenticity, ease and freedom.

We talk about: 

  • Walking the unconventional road: Jord’s own inspring story
  • His “disruptive approach to success and wellbeing” and what’s behind it
  • Why striving for success is often linked to a feeling of lack
  • Why a lot of performance strategies and self-help tools don’t work when it comes to true change and lasting happiness 
  • Unpacked stuff, unresolved issues from childhood and unmet needs that keep us stuck
  • The ‘4 stages of change’ he works with
  • How to develop the capacitiy to always make decisions that are right for ourselves
  • The crucial role of values: “True peak performance requires you to tap into your innate potential, it requires you to live in alignment with your values.”
  • Performance as a part of someone’s true nature or purpose 
  • Performance from a place of authenticity and wholeness
  • Tip for listeners: How to use your current circumstances as a feedback loop to find more authenticity, ease and freedom

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