Breaking Through Patterns of Fear and Insecurity with Berit Julie Friz

Kat’s Podcast – Episode no. 17

In this episode I’m talking to Berit Julie Friz. Berit and I met 15 years ago working in a communications agency in Berlin, and it’s only recently that we’ve reconnected over our own, alternative paths we’re walking these days. 

Berit is a non-medical practitioner, naturopath and homeopath. She helps adults, adolescents and children with acute and chronic complaints, that can be either physically or psychologically caused. She also advises couples in times of crisis. Her therapy methods are Homeopathy, Supervision, Systemical Constellations and Bodywork.

Today she’s here to help us understand subconscious patterns of fear and insecurity that hugely influence how we act and react in our daily lives and that quite literally auto-pilot us. That’s super topical at the moment, because with Covid in the air and all the change going on, there is A LOT out there that’s triggering us.

Tune in and learn what you can do to break through these patterns, and ultimately become more resilient, self-reliant and empowered.

We talk about: 

  • Berit’s own story and what’s at the core of her work
  • How realising her own subconscious patterns made her change her life 
  • The question if we’re stressed by others or if we ourselves are stressing us out 
  • The importance of communicating with yourself
  • Frustration at work: Is it really a job problem or is it a personal problem? + Why facing your subconscious patterns can be the solution to job problems
  • Job, family, relationships: how we can look at our lives as a whole and at the same time make the distinction between „trigger“ experiences in one area of our lives and how they don’t have to affect other areas of our lives
  • What’s happening at the moment + where’s the common denominator
  • Covid-19 as magnifying glass for problems that have already been there before and why we feel them more intensely now
  • Why you act the way you do towards the whole Covid situation + why face masks might be a real trigger for you
  • How to get real: Start exploring your hidden patterns and fears
  • The methods Berit works with: 
    • supervision: Gestalt therapy/Gestalttherapie (Leonard Shaw) + work with the inner child
    • family/systemical constellations
    • homeopathy
    • bodywork/Leibarbeit
  • Tonsil inflammations, ear infections, headaches: common physical ailments that can be signs of inner fear and insecurity
  • How we can make the switch from „being afraid“ to loving ourselves
  • Learn how to respond instantly to upcoming fears in your daily life
  • Feeling alone + solutions from within
  • Why communication problems can have their origin in the communication within ourselves
  • Reconnection & empowerment: how we can move from victim role to „perpetrator“ (vom Opfer zum Täter)
  • How to say No and literally break through a reactive pattern
  • How to use self-connection and honest communication with yourself as means to go through life in a stronger, more resilient way

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