Natural Deodorants: My Recommendations

All natural & flavoured with essential oils

Done with buying natural deodorants that work like s***? Stay cool with one of the natural deodorants below. They cost a few euros more than their typical drugstore cousins, but they are worth it!

Please note: The products mentioned below work for me and hence are my personal recommendations, and I’d love you to try them if you’re in search of a natural deodorant. However, everyone’s different and our bodies respond differently, so if they shouldn’t work as magical for you, please bear that in mind. In any case, let me know your experience with them! Also, if you have a different favourite brand, please get in touch. I’m happy to extend the list of tried-and-true products here in this circle!

Love, Kat

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My recommendations for natural deodorants


    • Delizioso Skincare Botanical Vegan Deodorant, tested in Citrus Peel
      & Vanilla Sorbet. (fyi: I got the Delizioso products from Dutch Health Store to test and review and this is my honest feedback on them.)
    • Schmidt’s Deodorant Stick in Geranium Flower, smells fresh and flowery. I personally love the smell!

These two are by far the most reliable natural deos I’ve tried over the past years. The first one in the hot city life in Berlin and Vienna and on my hourly runs, the second one even in the humid heat of Indonesia. Both super good and passed the intensity test of high degrees as well as exercise. Plus they are both completely natural, flavoured only with essential oils.

Delizioso Skincare deodorants: The smell is generally a bit more intense (you could even skip the perfume and have a nice smell on your body by just wearing the deodorant), so really choose the flavour you like best.

There are Citrus Peel (smells like Mamba and Maoam tasted — remember this fruit gum from the 80’s?), Vanilla, earthy Fire Wood, Coconut Lime and a couple more. They are 100% natural, vegan, cruelty free and made with certified organic ingredients. Compared with conventional deo sticks you need less (since these ingredients are pure and naturally strong): two light strokes per armpit should do. The only little downside I found with the Citrus Peel: It may stain your clothing a bit (yellow), however I was able to wash it out in the washing machine. I’d recommend, however, to not wear your most delicate clothing with it.

Note on Schmidt’s Geranium: This stains your clothes a bit white. I guess, it’s just the way how natural deos are? However: If you have a super-dooper recommendation that doesn’t stain, please let me know! xx

If you’re looking for an even purer version (without baking soda): Go for the Poetic Pits from Living Libations. They are purely essential oils and you need only a super small amount. They come in tiny 5ml roller bottles, perfect for traveling light or for your hand bag, plus they smell great! However: I recommend these for people who’ve been on natural deodorant for a while already and/or “adjusted” their sweating and smelling (see above) since I don’t find them as strong or “effective” as other options. Also, you should’ve adjusted your senses of smell to natural smells, because Poetic Pits DON’T smell like your conventional deo! They are true essences and smell very herbal, fruity or earthy.

If you wanna check what’s in your deo, see this list in Nadine Artemis’ article.

Have you been using natural deo for a while and can recommend one? I’d love to know so we can extend the list of true recommendations! Please send me an email to hello until the comment section is working here! Thanks! 

Also, if you have any questions on the products: Please feel free to reach out! The product links included are links to the Dutch Health Store (affiliate links). I cooperate with this amazing little online store and if you’re thinking of buying one of their products, I’d be super grateful if you went through my links here. Thanks so much. ❤️

P. s.: There is also a German version of this article! You can find it here

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