Yantra Yoga

life energies & time cycles


Transitions in Time Cycles:

How to make them more smoothly + start in alignment 💫 


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This Yoga & Coffee also gives you a glimpse into your dominant energy of 2024. 🔮 You will be better able to see if what you plan is aligned with your upcoming energies. 

The knowledge this is based upon is the ancient science of Yantra Yoga. You can regard it as a form of numerology.


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As always, we’ll start with a yoga practice that energetically connects us to our topic, and then dive into our exchange.


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  • Saturday, 18. November | 9-11 am CET (9:00-11:00 German time) = we start at 12 pm Dubai, 4pm Bali, 7pm Sydney

  • 45 min Yoga + chat and exchange
  • on Zoom
  • in English language
  • investment: 11€
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Questions? Send me an email: hello@kathrinhecht.com

Book via email: hello@kathrinhecht.com

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A 60 min session on Zoom where we’ll dive into your life energies + the energies you have at hand for 2024.

This will help you understand yourself better + plan your next year in alignment with the energies surrounding you. Live with more ease, get an understanding of the different qualities of time + be more successful at all levels of life.

Send me an email to know more and for any questions: hello@kathrinhecht.com

You can also book directly via paypal. 55€ for 60 min.

An introduction workshop to the science of Yantra Yoga that will help you live with less resistance.

You’ll learn about the 9 life energies + find out what your dominant and secondary life energies are. We’ll have a look at what you resist about yourself or your personality and then look into the positive characteristics so you can find a positive “solution” for yourself and live with less resistance.

We’ll also touch on time cycles and the different qualities of time.

Send me an email to know more and for any questions: hello@kathrinhecht.com

You can also book directly via paypal. 33€ for this 2h workshop

This workshop is recorded and you can do it whenever you like!

 The 1:1 session with Kat was very helpful in easing me back into using the beautiful practice of Yantra Yoga both as a guide and lakmus test along with my daily pratice to notice where I’m at on this path of life- the why and when to work on specific components in my life, relations, mindset, work etc. 

Kat has a very lovely way of sharing her abundant knowledge of Yantra, opening your mind to it’s enourmous potential  while guiding you to the tools you need to implement Yantra Yoga as a beautiful practice and tool on your own.

Lene Estvad, Sweden