Are you longing for connection, beauty and inner strength?

I sense that, as women, we might be longing for connection more strongly these days: connection to others but also connection to our inner radiant beings. Acknowledging and stepping into our unique feminine power can be a way to create this connection and it can bring us closer to feeling stable, strong and deeply beautiful. If you feel this is something you need: Don’t put it on the wait list – connect with your radiant inner being and your feminine power and navigate these challenging times beautifully strong. 

Here are some of my favourite routines for getting back in touch with my feminine power:

1. Take a hot bath in nature’s divine essences 

It’s one of the easiest things to do and yet so powerful: Taking a hot bath. These 15-20 minutes in the bath tub can feel like a little escape from our busy lives and schedules. It’s a space for you to let go, relax and simply be – especially now that it’s getting colder outside. Dim the bright bathroom lights, light a candle and slide into the hot water… Instead of a foamy, artificial bubble bath, however, try a home-made bath mix with all natural essential oils: These oils capture nature’s pure divinity and beauty and are non-toxic compared to a lot of the “bath essences” that you normally come across. Here’s my recipe for a delicious self-care, self-love bath: Take 4 table spoons of sea salt and mix in 6 drops of a calming, relaxing or balancing essential oil. Tip: Start with 6 drops and go up or down 1-2 drops the next time if it wasn’t intense enough or too intense. For your inspiration, try these oils:

Clary Sage:

I love clary sage on days when I feel a bit “cranky” or simply out of flow, when I sense I need good care, balance and alignment on a deeper level. I think of it as longings or needs that we women have. And indeed clary sage is an oil that is very beneficial for women: It’s a great during the days leading up to your menstruation and when you’re dealing with hormonal imbalances. 

It’s also supposed to help when you feel nervous, exhausted or anxious and when your muscles need relief and relaxation. Clary sage is hands-down one of my favourite and most-used oils. The smell is quite distinctive, though. It’s strong and herbaceous. I didn’t like it straight away, but then it really grew on me. Always remember, though, that our sense of smell is something very individual and that we all react differently to smells and how we like, or not like, an essential oil – so you always gotta try yourself. Also: Be careful with or even better avoid clary sage during pregnancy. Check with your practitioner first!


An allrounder and another one of my favourites! I love it dropped on my pillow at night, as a headache soother or in my bath tub! Lavender essential oil is balancing, calming, uplifting for your spirit and mood and helping you sleep. I love it mixed it with clary sage in my hot baths.


Is a very sensual and feminine oil. Ylang has an intense smell of tropical flowers and sweet-syrup notes. It can be too much for some, and for others it will be a sensual revelation of their femininity! It blends well with lavender: try a bath mix of 4 drops lavender + 1 drop ylang. You can also try 1 drop ylang, 2 drops of clary sage + 2 drops geranium. Good to know: Ylang is among the top hormone supporting essential oils for women of childbearing age as well as for perimenopausal and menopausal women.

2. Create a loving body care ritual & indulge yourself with the purest essences

Instead of rushing through your body care or mindlessly putting on some body lotion and make-up, create a loving ritual. Maybe take some time every evening before bed to oil your body or massage your feet. Or take time after a hot bath or your morning shower to anoint your body with a delicious body butter or a moisturizer in your favourite flavour. Turning part of your daily body care into a little ritual will create a new body-mind connection. And natural products can help us establish this connection: because they speak directly to our senses! They smell like pure flower blossoms, like spicy wood in a forest, like an orange freshly peeled. Every time I put on a blend of natural essences I am blown away by the pure goodness of the smell. Do you know this feeling? Using all natural poducts is a way of honouring yourself and your body. You are wearing the most divine smells that this Earth has to offer. 

If you’re intrigued, have a look at these delicious deodorants which serve as natural perfumes at the same time because they are so potent: I personally love the Gingerlily Poetic Pits with its grounding, earthy smell and energy. Try the Petals if you feel like tropical flowers and sweetness with a touch of candy. Both are divine in their own way.

3. Take still time for yourself 

Schedule in 20-30 minutes for yourself each day. Be it morning, afternoon, or evening. Combine it with your body care ritual if you like. The important thing is that you have this time for yourself where you can tune in and connect with yourself, your feelings, your desires and dreams. I myself am a huge fan of a morning ritual, but it can also be an afternoon self-care rest or a good wind-down time in the evening – anything that resonates with YOU. Morning tips: Meditate, and while having your morning tea or coffee write or journal. Afternoon tips: Take a mindful break, have a cup of herbal tea or a cup of home-made cacao, prop your feet up and recharge. A walk or a restorative yoga session is also a great thing to do. Evening tips: Turn off your devices after dinner, have a bath or a slow stretch. Read something uplifting or journal about your day. 

4. Tap into your creativity 

Paint, sing, dance, write – whatever it is that connects you to your creative flow. When we’re in this flow state, we are connected with our intuition and can step more fully into our own feminine power and beauty. This ripples out into other areas of our life and I honestly belive will help us to ultimately live more aligned with our desires and purpose, with more ease, joy and freedom. When do you feel in flow? When was the last time you tapped into your form of effortless creation? What makes you feel connected to a greater source? For inspiration, listen to my conversation on embodiment, finding beauty & freedom within with my beautiful friend Catherine Kennedy. 

5. Reconnect with nature 

Go outside and experience nature and the elements. The forest, the ocean, the mountains, a lake, … the power of nature is real and always present. Stepping outside and into nature is one of the best ways to reconnect with parts of ourselves that we have forgotten. It’s a great way to tap into freer and wilder sides of ourselves that have been dimmed by society and common notions of “how to behave”. Touch the trunk of a tree. Step into dewy grass with your bare feet. Close your eyes and listen to the wind – we are nature. Go outside and experience this powerful channel back to your true divine self. 

A great read for more inspiration and a deeper dive into our feminine being is the book Renegade Beauty by Nadine Artemis, the founder of Living Libations. It’s one of my ‘woman bibles’ I go back to time and again.

Let your divine feminine shine!



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