The breath and its healing power with David Goulet

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Kat’s Podcast – Episode no. 42


In this episode I’m talking to a legend when it comes to the breath, breathing, breath work: David Goulet.

David is a Yoga teacher who dedicated his life to the science of Yoga. He started studying Yoga in India in the early 70s and has been bringing out the real message of Yoga ever since.

When I say Yoga teacher: Take that in with reverence. He has been dedicated to this path for five decades now, and sees Yoga as the complete system that it is. A rare gem in our modern yoga world. He is also the founder of retreat and healing centers in Thailand and the Philippines.

At the core of his teachings is a strong understanding and embodiment of the Ancient Chakra System, which often gets messed with in our modern world. His specialties are the Chakras, Yantra Yoga – which is the science on how the energies of the Chakras manifest in the universe – as well as the breath.

David’s consistency in extended daily breathing for decades is making him biologically younger than he actually is: according to telomere testing he is 25 years younger than stated in his passport!

This fact alone shows us the power that our breath holds, when we breath correctly – and it leads us to question the common beliefs about aging. Is aging really a thing?

This episode is all about the breath and its potential for health and vitality, common (mis)beliefs about health and aging, a fundamental breathing technique that everyone should know, how the breath and our mind are linked, how the breath and our immune system are connected, why oxygen is key, the shocking fact that most of us use only 10% of our brain cells and why you don’t want to breathe with the AC on! Plus many more mind-blowing facts. For the breath nerds among you: We also dive into Eka Dasi and Pancha Sahita.

Enjoy this episode with the one and only David Goulet.

Love, Kat


We talk about: 

  • David’s morning routine
  • why a little bit of coffee can be good to get you going
  • his teacher Swami Gitananda
  • the breath + why it’s so important to keep our oxygen levels high
  • the power + health benefits of a constant routine: David has been doing the same thing for over 40 years!
  • telomere testing + what it can reveal about your real age
  • David’s number one secret to staying youthful
  • when we stop moving, we stop breathing + why it’s really not good to sit in school all day
  • “our connection to consciousness is through the breath”
  • “There is no such thing as an incurable disease.”
  • the connection between emotional turbulence and hormones
  • the thymus gland
  • the truth about our immune system
  • two key take-aways for yur health you can apply in everyday life
  • the number one breathing technique everyone MUST know and learn, even more so if you’re a yoga teacher
  • FREE 3-part breath video: watch here + leave a comment!
  • places on this earth where you can’t breathe deeply anymore
  • why you don’t want to breathe with AC on
  • why your office space might make you sick
  • time-tested breathing techniques: Eka Dasi + Pancha Sahita



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