Cosmic Weather Reports: How to Connect the Dots & Energize Our Lives with Shannon Hugman

Kat’s Podcast – Episode no. 13


In today’s show I’m talking to Shannon Hugman, whose passion and profession is energetic astrology. A cosmic meteorologist” – a weather-forecaster for planetary constellations – she gives us guidance on understanding the current flows of cosmic energy.

Having an understanding of and the ability to tune into these bigger currents of energy can help us go through live more at ease, with more insight into our personal experiences and with overall more success.

Shannon shows us how we can start our own journey into energetic astrology without having to have knowledge of the stars, and you’ll also learn why your “star sign” – Virgo, Cancer, Sagittarius – isn’t everything. 

Plus, we dive deep into the current energies, connecting the dots between cosmic cycles and what’s happening on Earth right now. Be prepared for a fiery call-to-action in this revolutionary time!

I personally love Shannon’s easy and vivid explanations around astrology, she always finds a relatable image or analogy to explain planetary constellations and their energies in an understandable way – at least for someone like me who’s got no clue about all of that. 

This conversation is part one of a series of podcast episodes where we explore natural rhythms like the lunar cycle, daily energy cycles, the seasons, and how tuning in to these cycles can help us go through life with more flow, energy, health, joy, success – or simply put: overall more in flow and naturally empowered.

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We talk about: 

  • What Shannon does and how she understands her work as “cosmic meteorologist”, as cosmic weather-forecaster
  • Energetic astrology as a way to talk about and understand life 
  • Astro basics: What are star signs, sun signs, archetypes and themes? (we all know the 12 star signs from our horoscope)
  • popular understandings of astrology and why we are not only “our” star sign but a combination of all twelve signs
  • celestial bodies as archetypes for feelings and emotions and a way to relate to life
  • Shannon’s “open” and empowering approach to astrology: helping people to establish their own relationship to cosmic energies and to come to their own conclusions
  • How understanding current planetary energies can help us learn from past mistakes
  • Where and how to start your journey into the cosmic energies (hint: mark the next full moon/new moon in your calendar!)
  • “The Art of Astrology” as your step-by-step guide into individual chart reading and learning how energetic astrology can help you live better!
  • The potential this time right now holds
  • Pluto in Capricorn and what this constellation can mean for global systems of power (think revolution!)
  • Truth & chicken nuggets: 2020 as pivot time
  • Coming back to the power we have within us: “You are your own diamond!”
  • Key terms to embody this season: self-responsibility, sovereignty, self-reliance


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