Creating Freedom & Joy in Your Everyday Life with Cat Kennedy

– Freedom Lifestyle Edition –

Kat’s Podcast – Episode no. 3

“Who are you living for? And she turned to me and said: ‘The trick is to find joy in whatever you happen to be doing now.’ ”


In this episode of the Freedom Lifestyle Edition I chat with Cat Kennedy from the United States. Cat’s a yoga teacher, plant-based foodie and earth admirer, and she embodies the joy and freedom we all can create in our daily lives – when we simply become more present, more aware of what we’re doing and naturally start embracing what makes us feel good and alive.


We talk about:

  • The power of a mindful morning & tuning into your feelings (1:48)
  • Cat’s story and how her time in New York shaped her current way of living (7:39)
  • How Cat fell in love with yoga in a space where homeless persons and billionaires move next to each other (11:06)
  • What helped her move away from the 9-to-5 world & do what she loves doing (19:35)
  • Dog-walking as networking tool (29:14)
  • The human desire to control things and how to let go (30:55)
  • Integrating feel-good routines into your daily life & being in the flow (37:37)
  • Her connection to nature and the relationship to her body (45:05)
  • How to afford a freedom lifestyle (49:05)
  • The power of yoga and breathing (like a thread throughout the podcast)


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