Overcoming Mental Health Challenges & Keeping Your Freedom as a Freelancer with Eileen

– Freedom Lifestyle Edition –

Kat’s Podcast – Episode no. 4


“This really has benefited my health: that I can decide now when I wanna work and on what topics I wanna work. This freedom has really helped me get better.”


My guest on the show today is Eileen, a freelance consultant and travel lover from Germany. 

Eileen has overcome mental health issues, that stemmed from her physical environment as well as her work environment  in India, and built up a new life of freedom and balance. 

Our conversation is straight-forward and packed with practical tips – whether you’re contemplating that move from your 9-to-5 towards self-employment or whether you’re looking for ways to better deal with the stressors in your permanent job or as a freelancer. Despite the straight-forwardness, however, we won’t skip the yoga – because, it seems, this ancient lifestyle does play a major role in creating balance and setting yourself up for a freedom lifestyle!


We talk about:

  • Eileen’s time in India & the mental health issues she’s overcome (3:00)
  • The crucial part breath work has played in creating health &balance (9:30)
  • Tips for you on how to calm down & center yourself (14:40)
  • Tips on how to make that shift from 9-to-5 to a freer job & life (16:15)
  • How to keep your balance while traveling (18:25)
  • The “happy” shifts coming with living a freedom lifestyle (22:15)
  • Eileen’s rediscovered longing for nature (24:22)
  • Finances: How to sustain yourself when living a freedom lifestyle (27:55)
  • Working efficiently so you can go back to your freedom faster (30:10)
  • The “illusion” a lot of companies are still operating in (34:10)


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Thank you so much for listening! Let us know: Which was your favourite tip and how did it work for you? Also: what would you like to hear more of? What topic shall I make a show on?

Love, Kat












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