Leaving Your 9-to-5 & Jumping into the Unknown with Shana Robinson

– Freedom Lifestyle Edition –

Kat’s Podcast – Episode no. 5


“I kept telling myself I didn’t know enough, I didn’t go to this fancy or that fancy school, and I don’t have a degree in this – it doesn’t matter. I do know enough. I have a passion around it and I have a reason to have a passion around it: I’ve experienced it and this is how it helped and shaped my life.”



My guest on the show today is Shana Robinson from the United States, a former corporate girl turned wellness guide. After more than 20 years, working for Google and Yahoo amongst others, she took that leap of faith and jumped into the unknown – pushed by an inkling that what’s to come is bringing her closer to her purpose and freedom in life.

This conversation is for you if you’re contemplating leaving your nine-to-five job or if you’re looking for ways to better navigate it and include more freedom in your life.


We talk about: 

  • her story in the corporate world and what led to leaving it
  • how her job was wearing on her from a physical standpoint
  • lacking opportunities and doing a job that’s not fulfilling
  • the realisation that she didn’t nourish her greater purpose
  • how she went from Google to culinary school
  • taking back control of her life
  • setting boundaries in work and life and unplugging from work at home
  • working at home for yourself vs. for someone else
  • chronic stress and its effects on your body
  • quick tips for de-stressing
  • how Shana left her 9-5 and jumped into the unknown
  • finances: handwriting as side hustle & the 1,000 jobs of a freedom lifestyle
  • shifting priorities in life
  • quick tips for saving money to get faster to a freedom lifestyle 


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