"I Am Freedom" with Marie Belle PR

– Freedom Lifestyle Edition –

Kat’s Podcast – Episode no. 7 


“I claim my space,

I own my time,

I am my own authority. 

Anything less than this won’t do.”


In this episode Marie Belle PR is sharing her journey towards freedom. A yoga teacher in Washington, DC, it was actually her poetry that hit home for me.  

Her training as a Psychologist in Social Emotional Development (Ph.D.), and Women’s Studies (Graduate Certificate) as well as her intensive yoga practice equip her to see freedom from different perspectives and to analyse some of the deeper road blocks we come across in our lives and that keep us from growth, embracing our full potential, and eventually living a deeper freedom. 

This is both the longterm story of a quest to live freely, as well as inspiration and tips on how to live more empowered and happy in every moment of your life. Tuning in?  


We talk about:  

  • the connection we both have to Bali (since this episode was recorded while I was on Bali)
  • what freedom means to her
  • her journey towards embodying freedom
  • her poetry & writing as a tool for healing and freedom
  • becoming one’s own authority & sharing from life experience 
  • how traveling helped her overcome long-held beliefs of herself & set new boundaries
  • boundaries as means to save energy & create freedom 
  • her background in psychology, women’s studies and social emotional development
  • the role yoga played in her journey & the way she teaches today
  • letting go of past emotions
  • tips on how to deal with hard decisions
  • tips for keeping your health & balance while traveling and how to ward off jetlag 


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