Breaking Repetitive Cycles & Living In Truth with Randeep Dhillon

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Kat’s Podcast – Episode no. 31

In this episode I chat with Randeep Dhillon: she’s a coach working with the techniques of family constellations, breath work and meditation. 

We are diving into her work in family aka systemic constellations and we explore how this method can help us find clarity and truth, shed light on intransparent situations or family patterns that might be going back into the lives of our ancestors, and how it can help us solve long unresolved issues. 

And Randeep is telling her own inspiring story: how working with constellations has helped her personally live in truth and break with painful family cycles.

Enjoy this deep conversation!


We talk about: 

  • Living in truth: What does it mean 
  • Why truth and purpose are not necessarily the same
  • “Living your truth: Why is that not a purpose? That is literally the ultimate form of living I would say. And that’s what a lot of us have forgotten.”
  • Randeep’s story & the central realization that made her strive to live her truth no matter what 
  • How she successfully broke a devastating family cycle
  • Finding our own way in life: the journey everyone has to make 
  • Family & Systemic Constellations: What they are, how they work, how they can help us. “It brings to light the truth of the situation.”
  • The meaning of family patterns & the significance of family systems
  • Finding missing pieces to the puzzle: Tapping into the knowing field. A bigger field of energy & understanding.
  • How systemic constellations can help us resolve issues with other persons without having to involve them 
  • Bringing clarity & resolution to situations or the so called ‘orders of love’
  • The sense of belonging
  • How yoga + systemic constellations can work together and what they each uniquely offer.
  • The value of 1:1 coaching & of having a teacher or coach
  • The value of slowing down, taking your time & enjoying transition times
  • Awareness as the central piece to change your life
  • Randeep’s coaching & offers

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