Tarot & Understanding the Energies that Surround Us with Felicity Pairman

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Kat’s Podcast – Episode no. 32

Ready for a summer/winter solstice tarot reading? Get yourself a cuppa or a cold drink – depending on which hemisphere you’re in – lean back and listen to the energy forecast that Felicity is channeling especially for you.

In this episode I’m chatting with Felicity Pairman: Felicity is an intuitive tarot reader, who always had a strong connection to the energies surrounding her and a strong bond with her intuition, now helping people gain clarity on their path through Tarot. We’re talking energies, intuition, clarity and healing, and of course Felicity’s own fascinating path. I’ve always been fascinated by her intuitive wisdom and witchy power.



We talk about: 

  • Tarot & oracle card reading for summer/winter solstice
    • 88-portal lion’s gate = great time manifestation (August)
    • Being in co-creation with the universe
    • The value of sitting in stillness
    • Seasonal energies
    • Listener Tip: How to bring into fruition the solstice energies
  • Tarot: What it is, why we do it & its difference to Oracle cards
  • Tarot as a tool to tap into your intuition
  • How these kind of readings can guide us in life 
  • Who the people are that come to her for a reading
  • Felicity’s own story, when she started working with cards + How they have guided her in her own life
  • Awakening & realizing her psychic + intuitive abilities
  • Listener tip: daily energy-cleansing rituals anyone can do. “Getting rid of all that you’ve been picking up during the day.”

  • Understanding the energies that surround us:
    • Listener tip: What we can practice in our day-to-day to get a feeling for energies the energies around us 
    • Grounding energy
    • Why we want to be connected with our energies & intuition
  • Listener tip: How to protect your energy + what elements you can put up around your house to protect your energy

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