Freedom, Healing, Consciousness with Dr. Catherine Craig

– Freedom Lifestyle Edition – 

Kat’s Podcast – Episode no. 19

My first guest on this second Freedom Lifestyle Series is Dr. Catherine Craig. She’s based in New Jersey in the United States. We met through a mutual friend of ours, Shana Robinson, and clicked instantly. Catherine is one of these humans that talk deep – you instantly know that you’re not in for a superficial chit-chat but going to the core of things. That’s what’s reflected in this podcast conversation, too. This episode is peppered with greater truths that will make you think. Catherine is calm but very powerful and clear in her message.

Her own story around freedom is closely connected to her personal healing story and overcoming cancer. In her „current form“ she is a Board Certified Doctor of Acupuncture, specializing in chronic & acute pain management, holistic lifestyle & dietary counseling, and chronic disease management. She’s here to show us how being empowered in our bodies and minds can look like and why we really have to get out of this passive attitude following so-called authorities. 

We talk about: 

  • Her story and the pivot points in her life towards more freedom
  • Health challenges that paved part of her path + that lead her to where she is now
  • What shape freedom currently takes for her
  • How lockdown felt + how it affected her perception of freedom
  • How lockdown affected her business + who the first ones were that came in when she opened her practice back up
  • Her core belief in regards to finances
  • Her definition of freedom 
  • The power of intuition
  • Her approach to healing and giving the power back to her patients + why she advices to get opinions of other doctors, too!
  • Health freedom: Why it’s so important to establish a (new) connection to our bodies
  • Corrupted food supply, corrupted medicine, system change
  • „We often reach for false senses of nourishment based on the messaging or programming that comes at us through television, the media, thorugh magazines…“ + What you can do to eat more empowered
  • Looking at the body in an energetic way + empowering our nervous system
  • Why we’re all capable of change
  • Compassion & conversation culture
  • How we perceive what’s currently going on + how this is connected to different levels of consciousness
  • A journey through the Chakras to freedom
  • Radical clarity around what we tolerate in life
  • Loosing the fear of death
  • What we can learn from sea horses
  • Catherine’s personal advice on what YOU can do to create a more empowered and freer life and world

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