How to access the space between: Standing in your own authority with Dr. Catherine Craig

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Kat’s Podcast – Episode no. 38



This is episode 2 of my 9-part series ‘Standing in your own authority’: I’m chatting with Dr. Catherine Craig, Intuitive Guide and Transformation Teacher.

Catherine is a doctor of acupuncture and the founder of The Etheric, her new space in the healing arts, a realm she’s been practicing in for over 12 years.

Her own journey brought her to a keen understanding of human suffering and existence. Through her clinical practice, she knew the importance the body plays in our health and healing, but then realized many clients lacked the emotional and spiritual support to gain true health and healing in their everyday lives. 

I love Catherine for her spiritual and energetic wisdom, how she speaks, and how she stands in her sovereignty in a firm yet non-judgemental way, all three eyes open to what’s happening around. 

This conversation was really fun – I hope you enjoy it!

Love, Kat


We talk about: 

  • trusting the timing of the universe & finding our own timing
  • creating more ease in life
  • intuition
  • insights into the work of healing arts
  • insights from her work over the past 2 years
  • Catherine’s shift in business to “a more etheric way”
  • her new business “The Etheric”: a space for Learning, Inner Soul Work and Empowerment of the Self
  • Creative Conscious Conception: the first educational module from The Etheric for people in the fertility process or thinking about adoption
  • what’s behind the new business name The Etheric
  • Karma
  • spiritual connection
  • how real protest and change look like right now 
  • Catherine’s spirit guides
  • listener tip: How to identify if you’re guided by a benign or a negative entity
  • the space between that’s allowing the transfromation to happen
  • listener tip: How to access the space between
  • language & the power of words


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Thanks so much for listening!