“We all have freedom inside of us” with Marie Wanhoefer

– Freedom Lifestyle Edition –

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Kat’s Podcast – Episode no. 34


On today’s show, my guest is Marie Wanhoefer.

I came across Marie a little while ago through my Bali connections.

What made me stop and eventually reach out to her is the way she talked about freedom – I felt that she is someone who’s got a deep connection to freedom and who perceives it in a beautiful and inspiring way.

And then she told me her story of following her inner voice and leaving the corporate world: A story and a decision which are in a way a classic, and then again something so many of us desire and yet don’t dare to do. Fast forward not even two years: She’s living on Bali, working as a hypnotherapist and holistic life coach. A story of dreams for the Freedom Lifestyle edition!

We also chat about healing, how freedom and healing are connected, and her work of hypnotherapy. 

Hypnotherapy is – in short – a healing modality: A form of inner work that helps you let go of anything that that keeps you from living a fulfilling, healthy and happy life. Topics addressed can be traumatic experiences, destructive inner beliefs, negative relationship patterns, burnout, anxiety, stress, or a lack of self-worth.

Enjoy this deep talk on freedom, healing & reconnection!


We talk about: 

  • Marie’s perception of freedom
  • her journey of freedom & reconnection: 
  • from getting a masters degree from a very well-known university to working in banking & corporate consulting and realizing why it didn’t align
  • her biggest obstacles leaving the corporate world
  • her moment of liberation
  • Why so many people struggle making that crucial step of following their truth, e.g. quitting that job that makes them miserable
  • the reasons behind staying in an unfulfilling job or situation + the biggest obstacles on the way out
  • the need to belong to a community as one of those reasons 
  • limiting inner beliefs 
  • self-responsibility
  • how she made the transition from corporate world to being self-employed 
  • the power of pupose + lived experience
  • reconnection to our true selves  + tips for listeners on how to reconnect
  • the biggest obstacles for reconnection: overarchieving, people-pleasing, perfectionism, lack of self-trust
  • how corporate mentality and always being on can damage our health
  • why therapy is not a taboo
  • “Healing is the journey back to our true self.”
  • 4 major misconceptions of healing + why you can’t heal in 3 months
  • why self-help books & podcasts often don’t work
  • the lack of connect to our emotions
  • what hypnotherapy is (right at the end, watch out for it!)


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