Topless Waitress Turned Ayurvedic Practitioner: When Life Puts You On a Self-Love Journey with Bryre Roots

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Kat’s Podcast – Episode no. 28

Today I am having a beautiful conversation around self-love and self-healing for you. A conversation about growth and understanding our selves better on all levels to ultimately be able to live in more alignment, with vibrant health, joy and authenticity.

I’m chatting with Bryre Roots, Ayurvedic health & lifestyle practitioner. Bryre helps women optimize their energy, digestion and overall health teaching self-care and self-empowerment practices. Understanding the mind-body connection is a key aspect in her holistic approach to wellbeing.

This conversation is a great mix of her own personal story of self-love & self-healing, the experiences a lot of us women make when it comes to loving and accepting ourselves just as we are as well as hands-on holistic lifestyle tips. And don’t miss our little chat about coffee towards the end if you’re still wondering: Is coffee good or bad for me?

Enjoy this loving conversation with the amazing Bryre Roots!


We talk about: 

  • Bryre’s own self-love & healing journey from topless waitress to Ayurvedic health practitioner on Bali
  • How Bryre fell in love with Ayurveda
  • Reconnection: How places can help us reconnect: “We can’t get better in a place that we feel sick in.” 
  • Things, food, sex: the stuff we like to distract ourselves with and that keep us away from our true purpose
  • Dharma, purpose & soul desires (Purushartha)
  • Growth, bullshitting & becoming more humble
  • Competitiveness, separation from other women & re-connection: from getting paid by men to getting paid by women to empower them
  • Financial stability & feeling safe as pre-requisites to being of service to others
  • Self-love grounded in Ayurvedic wisdom & self-healing
  • Self-worth & being okay with doing less
  • Digestion on a broader level: “Ayurveda is not what you eat, but what you digest.”
  • Why you can’t have constipation when you wanna follow your purpose
  • Fatigue and acne: signs of a lack of love for what we do & for ourselves 
  • Self-love in relation to the need for external validation 
  • Ayurveda 101: Doshas, Agni, Prakriti 
  • Falling out of balance and how we can bring us back into it
  • Long-term health: Your decisions today are your health tomorrow
  • Awareness & presence
  • Coffee conversation: Coffee or cacao? What is better? 
  • Watch out go-getters & high-achievers: Coffee can keep you in the loop of thinking that you need to do more
  • Yoni steaming

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